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Welcome to Rogers Catalyst Forums: Post freely and often. Rules are simple:

1) Please try and stay on topics relevant to Rogers Catalyst: that means no trying to sell your used toaster (try ebay) or seeking the perfect geek-mate (try – well, that one you might need to find on your own).

2) All who post here know we can agree to disagree, as long as we do it respectfully.

3) Bring on the feedback – for the program, for your colleagues, for the site, and more. We look forward to shared success stories and maybe a tale or two about the app that got away…

4) This is not a forum for help with your Rogers bill or how to hook up your cable box. If you need help with those things you can head on over to or seek out @rogershelps on Twitter.

Full details regarding the Forum posting guidelines can be found here.

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